Domesticity Nouveau

Saturday, February 28, 2009

and I begin...

This marks the start of my journey to domestic bliss as a happy housewife.

Well, actually, the expedition has already begun. Therefore, this marks the start of my public account of my attempts at domestic bliss as a happy housewife.

I know some women (and maybe some men) might cringe at the idea of being a homemaker; protesting loudly about a reversion to times when women were suppressed from living their dreams of a career, thwarted from following their passion. The thing is, homemaking is my passion! I suppose if I had been told it was the only option, because I have tits and lack a bulge in my pants, I might feel suffocated and hopeless... BUT, beautiful and strong women, our mothers and grandmothers, fought for me, for us, to live whatever life we wanted, to not be forced onto a path we had no infatuation or zeal for. They gave us a choice, and this is mine. My passion, my infatuation, and my satisfaction at the end of the day.

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