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Tuesday, May 19, 2009


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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

National Beverage Day

May 6 is National Beverage Day... don't know where I read it, but it was in my calendar as a reminder, so I must have thought it important while consuming one of my favorite beverages (wine). So in honor of such wonderful delights that beverages can be, here is my list of favorites... and yes, I realize that this is not anything that will change the world. However, taking a moment to list some favorite things, ala Julie Andrews Sound of Music, does put me in a better mood, and that attitude can spread and maybe change some one's day and then they change another persons... it's all butterfly wings people, fairly soon we should be feeling a tsunami of kindness because I took the time to list my favorite beverages, so I guess it will change the world! Hang onto your hats, here we go!

  • Dirty Martini, actually I like a lot of olive, so lets call it a filthy martini
  • Bloody Mary, always best before & during a flight
  • Red Wine, I think this counts as a fruit
  • Guinness, ahhhhhhhh
  • Espresso with a lemon zest curl
  • Black Coffee, don't talk to me in the morning unless this is in your hand
  • Ice Tea, preferably the instant stuff, no sweetener
  • Hot Tea, Tazo Awake or Bird's nest ar the best!
  • Coca Cola, really good with vanilla vodka
  • Sake with sushi
  • Port, with a game of cribbage
  • Amaretto sour, reminds me to make more Amaretto and post the recipe
  • Creme De Menth, ditto on posting recipe
  • Apricot & Cherry Brandy, again, will post the recipe
  • Pineapple juice, the best is from the can with the chunks, as you are making pizza
  • Hot Apple Cider, that powdered instant stuff use to calm me down so much at work
  • Dry white wine, Fume Blanc or Pinot Grigios
  • lemonade, even better if it is a Mike's hard
  • limeade, with a bit of salt on the rim
  • grape juice, better if left to ferment to wine
  • any cheap light beer
  • Mai Tai, Brette taught me this wonder!

Well, I think those are the top choices... oh, yeah, WATER! Can't forget that! Looking over the list it sounds like I must be drunk all day long! (I'm not). There are others that I like, but I wouldn't call a favorite... so there you go, I just flapped a little wing of happiness into the world, watch out that you don't get knocked over by kindness, but if you do, I'm sure someone will be there to kindly help you up :)

Monday, May 4, 2009


Well, as promised, listed below is my easy-pleasy recipe for homemade yogurt. For about a $1, you can have a 1/2 gallon of plain yogurt. That's 2 qts, or 2 lrg containers from the market that cost around $4 each. I love being frugal! In a way, I feel like I'm stickin' it to the man, being a rebel... and yes, I know, homemade yogurt isn't all that rebellious, but I think I used up a lot of my rebellion tokens in my 20's, so I don't have many left. There is just such a strong satisfaction of beating the system that has brainwashed most people to believe they can't live without their individually pre-packaged, portion controlled, chemically preserved and flavored, over priced BASIC foods, like yogurt and bread. AND making yogurt is a very lazy process. All ya' gotta do is pour milk, let it sit, mix in yogurt, let it sit, put in the refrigerator... I think it takes 5 minutes at most, in 1 minute increments!

When I get around to it, I'll post my recipe for homemade lotion. I had a facial a while back and I absolutely loved the products, but they were wellllll beyond what my wallet could spare, so I figured it out on my own. This first run was a little thicker than I wanted, but now that I have the basics down, I can tweak away until I get it right, and it only costs a fraction! Okay, the supplies to get started were a bit high, but considering how far they will go, I have saved a lot of money to have a high quality face cream, without chemicals!

Next up for my afternoon, planning the vegetable garden! Since it is going to rain this week, I figure I'll get everything organized and in place so I can spring into action when the sun comes back. I'll be getting my veggies from Millennium farms this year. The tomatoes I bought from them last year, along with the water walls and fertilizer produced more tomatoes than I could handle! We are still finishing off the jars of tomato sauce I learned to can last year.


  • Put half gallon/2qts of milk in crock pot
  • heat on high 2 hours
  • let cool 2.5 hours (or until a bit more than baby bottle warm, but not to hot, you don't want to kill your bacteria that do the magically milk to yogurt transformation)
  • ladle out a couple of scoops of warm milk and mix with a small container of yogurt that has live cultures
  • mix milk and yogurt back into crock pot, cover with two thick towels and let sit for 8-10 hours.
  • Save about a cup at the end of the batch as starter for the next batch.

If you want your yogurt to be ready at 7 a.m., start heating between 4:30 p.m. and 5:30 p.m.

This yogurt isn't as thick as what you might be use to because there have been no chemicals added to thicken it up.

I like it with a bit of honey stirred in or a glop of homemade strawberry jam. Brette uses it in a smoothie with orange juice and frozen berries. Hope you enjoy!