Domesticity Nouveau


I know some women (and maybe some men) might cringe at the idea of being a homemaker; protesting loudly about a reversion to times when women were suppressed from living their dreams of a career, thwarted from following their passion. The thing is, homemaking is my passion! I suppose if I had been told it was the only option, because I have tits and lack a bulge in my pants, I might feel suffocated and hopeless... BUT, beautiful and strong women, our mothers and grandmothers, fought for me, for us, to live whatever life we wanted, to not be forced onto a path we had no infatuation or zeal for. They gave us a choice, and this is mine. My passion, my infatuation, and my satisfaction at the end of the day. 

I'm drawn to our Grandmothers' ways of making a home, but I am grateful to live now.  I adore my food processor.  I could kiss my KitchenAid mixer.  The Dyson vacuum continues to amaze me.  I can only imagine the drudgery of keeping a home before some of these magnificent appliances existed.  It's no wonder they wanted to get out of the kitchen and into the office!

We are blessed to live in a time and place where we have abundant food choices;  we can choose to be omnivores, carnivores, vegetarians, vegans or raw food followers.  We can shop at grocery stores filled to the ceiling with everything from organic fruits and vegetables to substances that merely resemble food; we can have fresh from the farm produce delivered right to our door .  There are no ration books controlling our acquisition of sugar, coffee, meat, fruit or dairy.  If our garden doesn't make it, we always have the farmer's market to go to, or in a pinch a big box store.  We live in a time of luxury when it comes to keeping a kitchen!  

In 2009 my world of food changed, and I am so happy that it did!  While most people would consider the diagnosis of Celiacs Disease a curse, it has been one of the biggest blessings in my life.  I have learned so much about our nation's food industry.  I have always been one to declare the importance of eating REAL food, but those declarations where mainly a justification to eat butter and cheese.  Who doesn't prefer real butter and cheese over no-fat margarine spreads and cheese "product"?!  As I began to investigate everything I ate for the possibility of hidden wheat, what I found hiding was much worse.  Better living through chemicals is anything but better.  

This new knowledge has fired up my heart as much as my head, giving me a determination of spirit I have never known before.  Favorite foods of mine are no longer an option in my diet, either because of the gluten or other gnarly ingredients.  Initially, I was in despair.  I was depressed.  I mourned, really mourned, the loss of some favorite foods.  And then, I got angry.  (Why did almost every processed food in the grocery store have wheat included as a filler?  How does wheat make beef broth or seasoned wild rice better?)  Eventually anger, despair, and hunger created a determination to do it myself.  Domesticity Nouveau is the child of that determination; my new devotion to the matters of home and kitchen. 

Domesticity Nouveau is about keeping it real like our Grandmothers, but with amazing appliances. 
Domesticity Nouveau is about being frugal like our Grandmothers, as a choice, not a result of rationing.
Domesticity Nouveau is about creating a home like our Grandmothers, with the same love and care.
Domesticity Nouveau is my passion, my infatuation, and my satisfaction at the end of the day!

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